Who are we

Dr Mattheüs (Matie) J. du Toit, Major General, South African Air Force (Retired)
Gen du Toit, retired in December 2007 after serving in the South African Air Force for thirty-four years. During his time in the service, he was involved in logistics, and ICT management and as such involved in operations, planning and budgeting functions and finally in strategic management. In his last active duty assignment, he was appointed as the Government Information Technology Officer for the South African Department of Defence, serving in the Defence Secretariat, under the direct authority of the Secretary of Defence. In this role, Gen du Toit established strategic direction, methodology, policy, and developed appropriate structural arrangements and mechanisms for the management of all DOD Information, Information systems, and Information and Communication Technology solutions.
Dr du Toit has travelled to many countries and has spoken at national and international events as a subject matter expert and in his military capacity. The focus of these interactions is on Enterprise Information System management, and on its application to Network Centric Defence. He lectures part-time, and as a guest speaker, at tertiary training institutions. He also acts as an examination moderator at honours- and masters-level.

Ms Vanessa du Toit

Ms du Toit has over 23 years experience in governance and compliance in both the public and private sectors.  During this time she was head of the National Conventional Arms Control Inspectorate and currently renders a consultancy service to the private sector.  Governance and compliance management involves identifying risks, aligning policy with legislation where possible and the mitigation of future risks.  In addition to governance and compliance, Ms du Toit holds an LLM Degree, Advanced Labour Law Certificate and a Certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution with the Arbitration Foundation of South Africa.  To this end, Ms du Toit has acted as Presiding Officer for numerous disciplinary hearings in both the public and private sectors. She has also travelled extensively representing the RSA Government on international forums, conducted international inspections and participated in international conferences as the duly authorised RSA representative.


FlowCentric (System developer)
Contact Person: Mr Jacques Wessels (CEO)  flowcentric
Telephone (Cell): +27 (0) 82 895 4046
E-mail: jacquesw@flowcentric.com
Website:  www.flowcentric.com


Clients / Engagements:

  • City of Tshwane Fresh Produce Market.

Development and implementation of a holistic through-life approach to ICT management as part of the development of a now ICT trading system. (Mar 2015 – Currently)

  • Department of Correctional Services.

Member of a Ministerial Task Team on the optimisation of agricultural production in the DCS (Feb 2014 – Jul 2014)

  • IBM.

Strategic Business Relationship Team – working out of the US. Member focused on government and specifically defence solutions (Apr 2008 – Dec 2009).

  • Medscheme (Pty) Ltd.

– ICT Management Evaluation for to determine the shortfalls towards the optimisation of the function for holistic through-life management of ICT solutions and services (Jul 2010 – Nov 2013)
– Medscheme and Helios turnaround strategy for ICT management from technology orientation to business orientation. (Jul 2010 – Nov 2013)
-Non-executive Director on the Board of Helios ICT Solutions (Pty) Ltd (Mar 2012 – Nov 2013)

  • Mvelaserve Limited Group of Companies.

serving as in-house strategic advisor and management partner with the Group head office and the 11 subsidiaries in the group originally engaging with Protea Security, becoming the Protea Coin Group and eventually Mvelaserve Group The focus was on strategic management for the group and its subsidiaries, across the full spectrum of value chain functions, to optimise and sustain strategic governance, structural arrangement optimisation, and capacity management for HR, IT and other resources as appropriate. (Jan 2008 – Apr 2012)

  • North West University.

-Development of a turnaround strategy and assistance with its implementation for the to optimise financial management in preparation for their new Financial management System.  Focus: Strategy, Business Architecture, Structural Arrangements, Scenario Planning and Migration Planning. (Mar 2013 – Feb 2014)
-Management optimisation for the Registrar function at the NWU and its three campuses (Oct 2014 – May 2015)
-Phase 1 (BA Definition) optimisation and operationalisation of the NWU Teaching and Learning strategy (Jun 2015 – Aug 2016)

  • South African Special Investigating Unit.

-Management partner during their transformation (OD) (Sept 2007 – Dec 2009).
-External member of the SIU ICT Steering Committee (Jan 2016 – Currently)

  • Stefanutti Stocks.

Quality Assurance for the formulation of ICT related policies (Mar 2011 – Sep 2011).