SISPA (Pty) Ltd started functioning on 1 January 2008. SISPA (Pty) Ltd is an organisation that can function independently or in collaboration with (strategic) partners towards mutual objectives. The focus of SISPA (Pty) Ltd is the strategic management environment, focusing on aligning business and its information management function with strong emphasis on governance and especially compliance and its contribution towards continuous improvement and competitive advantage. Such alignment is considered largely dependant upon the ability of organisations to ensure appropriate and structured collaboration between all role players and stakeholders towards sustainable performance and compliance.

The offering of SISPA (Pty) Ltd thefore revolves around consulting services that relate to the following:

  • The imperative to ensure strategic and tactical alignment between the business, its information requirements, the enabling information and communication systems and services as optimally facilitated through the utilisation and sustainment of appropriate information and communications technologies (ICT’s). 
  • The development, internalisation and institutionalisation of a holistic approach to through-life management of ICT solutions that consist of systems and services that recognise issues / challenges of ownership, collaboration and appropriate transparency towards sustainable solutions.
  • The ability to leverage the potential utility of ICT technology towards ICT solutions and services in a manner that will make a significant contribution towards improving and sustaining the strategic and tactical competitive advantage of the client organisation as pre-requisite for profitability and growth.
  • To ensure that ICT solutions and the ability to manage such are subjected to requirements and obligations for performance and compliance within an acceptable risk profile as defined inappropriate regulative and directive governance.
  • To institutionalise balance by design between the imperatives for performance and compliance with due consideration of risk as relevant to all activities pertaining to ICT management as an integral responsibility area of the organisation as a whole.
  • To ensure that structural arrangements and commensurate capacity is sustainable and sustained over the short medium and long term.


The requirement to create and improve the strategic advantage of any organisation irrespective of whether it is a commercial venture or a public entity relies heavily on its ability to function optimally. This requires focus, appropriate structure, and optimised capacity to compete within its existing or potential area of operations. The ability to ensure strategic governance as a combination of strategic direction, appropriate plans, and an appropriate regulatory framework, becomes the driver for success. The ability to ensure and sustain functional organisational structures, management mechanisms, and appropriate capacity, therefore becomes the next essential elements for success. The last characteristic is the ability to manage change from a strategic perspective whilst at the same time moving from firm baselines for each of these elements.

The contribution that SISPA (Pty) Ltd can make in this regard can be related to the development, implementation, and institutionalisation of appropriate governance (regulative and directive) and commensurate management mechanisms for its clients. These would include the development of a strategic management approach, appropriate management practices and methodologies, as well as management arrangements and mechanisms for effective governance, execution, and control. Proposals to correct and /or improve functional performance an compliance are resultant from collaborative compliance audits conducted by functional area experts. As a strategic management partner, SISPA (Pty) Ltd can thus assist with the need to continuously review and improve the areas of engagement.


The ability to ensure that organisations can enhance their functioning through the optimised utilisation of technology is a serious consideration for organisations. This challenge is largely dependant upon the ability of the organisation to raise it organisational awareness and ability to manage ICT optimally and the ability to focus ICT solutions of actual business requirements and initiatives.


The contribution that SISPA (Pty) Ltd can make in this regard is related to the development, implementation, utilisation, and / or improvement of appropriate strategic ICT governance that consists of the following:

  • The Information Strategy of the organisation to address information as a resource and as a commodity.
  • The Information Systems Master Plan as a corporate plan and not a combination of decentralised and non-aligned ICT plans.
  •  An appropriate ICT regulatory framework that incorporates policies, procedures, and standards.
  •  A comprehensive ICT business plan that covers the future as the end state for current installed ICT solutions and services.
  •  Note: All of the above are focused on the ability to appropriately integrate and align ICT solutions with actual business requirements. This is done through a service-orientated approach, based on Enterprise Architecture Planning as a methodology and best practice, to ensure effective and efficient through-life management of ICT solutions.


The contribution that SISPA (Pty) Ltd can make regarding compliance in accordance with approved regulative governance,are

  • Conducting compliance audits (initial and follow-up) resulting in a formalised reports to highlight areas of concern as the basis for improvement as appropriate.
  • Establishing management and administrative arrangements and mechanisms to ensure sustained functional compliance throughout the organisation as a whole.
  • Providing training in compliance management and administration as might be appropriate for sustained compliance as the basis for performance and profitability.
  • Assist with the assessment of compliance systems as might be pertinent to functional compliance.

Note: All of the above is focused on the ability to appropriately integrate and align function and enabling systems with actual business requirements. This is done through a service-orientated approach enabled by the use of Best Practice as appropriate to identified functions. This approach and methodology forms the basis of ensuring effective and efficient through-life management of business solutions with sustained compliance.


The overall effect of the services provided by SISPA (Pty) Ltd can be summarised as follows:

  • Improved “governance” (performance and compliance) and organisational functioning.
  • Holistic through-life information systems management.
  • Improved alignment between business and enabling functions that enhance performance and compliance that will improve productivity and eliminate unnecessary expenditure.
  • Small/medium business management mentoring.